We needed to root some Android phones for a project we were working on, so I decided to post the basic procedure here.  This will get you a rooted phone with ssh and some basic commands working.   Activate phone, put some money on it, don’t bother setting up google yet.  Go through everything till

When setting up servers I want to easily modify the ssh config.  This simple script can be pasted when you first login.  It will remove the lines from the config that match these, and then add the new lines into the config.  You can use this method to easily modify any other config files.  

While trying to find a better solution for nat on Proxmox so I can actually control the IPs assigned to my host, I found this great blog entry.  Rather then write my own I may as well just link this one here, since its explanation and workings are perfect: https://raymii.org/s/tutorials/Proxmox_VE_One_Public_IP.html