Rooting an Android Phone


17 Mar 2015

Rooting an Android Phone

Preston Garrison 0 Comments

We needed to root some Android phones for a project we were working on, so I decided to post the basic procedure here.  This will get you a rooted phone with ssh and some basic commands working.


  1. Activate phone, put some money on it, don’t bother setting up google yet.  Go through everything till you are logged into the phone like normal. 
  2. Settings/Wifi/Choose your network
  3. Settings/Display/Screen Timeout/Keep screen turned on
  4. Settings/Lock screen/Select screen lock/None
  5. Settings/Application Manager/ALL/My Verizon Mobile/Force stop/Disable We do this on Verizon phones because it interferes with our app
  6. Settings/Security/Unknown Sources
  7. Settings/About phone/Software Information/Click build number till it says your a developer
  8. Settings/Developer Options/USB Debugging/Power menu bug reports/Stay awake
  9. Reboot Phone
  10. Plug in USB
  11. Pick internet connection/Ethernet
  12. Check that settings/Developer Options/USB Debugging/Power menu bug reports/Stay awake
  13. Drivers should start installing on PC, wait for them to finish
  14. Open Kingo Root and follow instructions on screen
  15. Phone should ask you to accept certificate when connected, pick yes and always
  16. Once rooted unplug, and plug phone back in
  17. Select Media Sync which should allow you to upload files from the PC
  18. Open up file manager and explore the phone, select the Download files and copy the apk packages into the folders you wish to install
  19. Go to Apps and open SuperSu, then select Normal when it asks
  20. Reboot phone
  21. Go to Apps and open File Manager, pick all the packages you uploaded and go through installation, make sure you pick open after installation so the apps can finish installing, always choose grant when asked
  22. When installing SSH, go to settings enabled, keep device fully alive/Start app on boot/Timeout 999999
  23. In SSH program pick add, choose port 8022, disable logging, start server when connected to wifi network/get current ssid/start on boot
  24. In SSH pick add user, add a user
  25. In SSH pick start server
  26. At this point you should have a rooted phone with SSH access
  27. ssh into the server, then type su, it should ask you to grant permission