Fixing Surface Book / Surface Pro 4 lockup issues


11 Apr 2016

Fixing Surface Book / Surface Pro 4 lockup issues

Preston Garrison 0 Comments

I was having a lot of problems with my Surface Book. It was locking up often when it went into sleep mode, and all my external monitors would break every time it went into this mode. The only way to fix it was a hard reboot, by holding down the power button. Even if it didn’t need a hard reboot, I would have to do a full reboot just to get my monitors working again. Installing the beta intel drivers have seemed to fix the issue. Here is a link to the latest drivers, Intel Beta Graphics Drivers

Make sure you download the zip. Extract the zip to disk, and then go into Device Manager, pick the intel graphics card, tell it to let you choose graphics driver to install, and pick install from disk. There is a little better instructions here however make sure you use the version of the drivers I have linked.