Set Up Micro Minimosd With CC3D Revolution


20 Apr 2016

Set Up Micro Minimosd With CC3D Revolution

Preston Garrison III 5 Comments

Micro Minimosd 

The minimosd is a relatively cheap and simple osd that has the power to do a lot.However it can be an upward battle getting it setup the first time. In this guide i will go through wiring to setup, and how to get it working with the CC3D Revolution. These instructions should work for nearly any board running any variant of Cleanflight (Raceflight, Betaflight, etc…) the wiring and port selection just might be different. 


The first step is to solder the pins onto the OSD, while you can use straight or angle pins, i recommend angle pins for the smallest and cleanest build. 

Minimosd wiringNext is to solder on the wires, I recommend direct soldering all the wires in order to leave the pins open for flashing or changing settings. The Tx,Rx,5Vin, and ground can all be solder onto the pins before the plastic in order to keep the pins free. Keep in mind as well that the OSD needs 5V to the pin(which you can get from the serial port) in order to power it, it will not power from the battery in alone. JSH-SH-8pin

As for wiring to the serial port i used the receiver port since i don’t have a use for this since i use a Spektrum Satellite connect to the flexiport. Wiring is pretty simple

Wire 1.(black) Goes to the ground on the pin

Wire 2.(red) Goes to 5V in

Wire 5.(yellow) Goes to Rx on the OSD

Wire 6.(green) Goes to Tx on the OSD 

The rest of the wires are not needed for the OSD only the Power, ground, RX, and TX wires are needed.That is all the wiring that needs to be done next is programming MWOsd onto it. 


By default the MinimOsd comes with Ardupilot, which doesnt work with cleanflight. So in order to get it working we must flash it with MWOsd. The flashing process is fairly quick and easy, but does require a FTDI adapter, since there is no usb port to plug it in with. You can get the one i used on Amazon. However any Adapter should work fine, in fact even a adruino and be used for this purpose. 



OSD-2Minimosd wiring

Wiring to the adapter is fairly straight forward, DTR goes to DTR, 5v to 5V, and ground to ground(I think either of the ground pins on the OSD will work but i always use the one right next to the 5V pin) the only tricky part is that the Rx on the Adapter must go to the Tx on the OSD and the Tx to the Rx. The next step is to download MWOSD R1.6 as well as the Arduino IDE. You next want to unzip the MWOSD file and open the MW_osd.ino file in the MW_OSD folder.

It should now open up the IDE and it should look like this 

Screenshot at Apr 11 18-42-59

Next you want to pick tools and set the board to Pro and Pro Mini

Screenshot at Apr 11 18-43-18 Screenshot at Apr 11 18-44-46Screenshot at Apr 11 18-44-01 Then plug in the adapter(which should be plugged into the OSD) and select it under Tools>Port

Screenshot at Apr 11 19-27-33

Next Pick Upload in the IDE and once it finishes uploading it should be ready to configure. 

Screenshot at Apr 11 19-31-20


The next step is to open ip the Gui, its in the MW_OSD folder you downloaded earlier, inside there should be a MW_OSD_GUI folder open that and pick the version correct for your OS Screenshot at Apr 11 19-34-49

Once open the first thing to do is upload the correct font, for whatever reason the default font is incorrect and won’t display correctly so we must upload the correct version, so first select the port the OSD is connected to(should be the same as previously)Once connected make sure to select Enable ADC 5v ref

Screenshot at Apr 11 16-46-37

Next under font tools pick select which should open up this menu 

Screenshot at Apr 11 16-47-04

Next Pick the Default.mcm and pick open

Screenshot at Apr 11 16-47-19

Once it is opened, pick upload and wait till it fully uploads.  It should begin Counting up above it once it has finished it is complete

Screenshot at Apr 11 16-47-55

The last step is to configure any settings and calibrate the voltage, to do this you must hook the OSD to the quadcopter and power it up with the battery.  Now see what Voltage it shows, and use a Voltage Meter to check the actual voltage of the battery. Based on the difference between the real and displayed voltage you must adjust the Voltage Adjust up or down. While you can do this with the OSD plugged into to USB and the quadcopter i recommend checking it with the OSD plugged into ONLY the multicopter(make sure to reboot after changing the voltage adjust) for this gives the most accurate and reliable reading.Once it is displaying the correct voltage change the Voltage Alarm and Number of cells to the correct settings for your battery, also make sure to push write after changing settings and make sure it finishes writing before unplugging.

Screenshot at Apr 11 16-48-18 

Race flight and Cleanflight Setup

The first step is to enable MSP on the correct port, if you’ve been following this post it should be Port 6

Screenshot at Apr 11 19-56-58

Now pick save a reboot and the enable telemetry in the Configuration tab

Screenshot at Apr 11 19-58-00

Pick save and reboot and now your osd should be all setup and ready to use !