Flashing CC3D Revolution (Revo) With Raceflight


30 May 2016

Flashing CC3D Revolution (Revo) With Raceflight

Preston Garrison III 14 Comments

The CC3D Revolution (or Revo for short) is and F4 board that can be bought from Banggood. Race flight is a high performance racing software for STM32 F4 boards. The Revo performs very well on Raceflight and has been the most reliable so far. This tutorial is for Windows only, while a bulk of it will apply to mac as well things such as drivers are Windows specific. 

Boot Loader Mode 

The first step is going to be putting the redo into boot loader mode. This is done by first removing the case and then by shorting the SBL pins. This can be accomplished by either touching them together with tweezers or anything conductive, or by bridging them with solder or wire. Then WHILE the pins are shorted plug in the usb cable and if only the green light comes on you’re in DFU mode which is boot loader mode.



This step is the tricky part and the most important step. First off you need to download Zadig from here. Zadie is a great little program that allows you to make changes to your drivers easily. Screenshot_6Next with the board plugged in and in DFU mode open up Zadig( Make sure to run Zadig as Administrator) and pick options then list all devicesScreenshot_10

Next you should see a device all STM32 BOOTLOADER. Select that and install the WinUSB drivers as shown in the picture.


Next open up the Raceflight Configurator which you can get here and then pick the latest stable build for the redo from the drop down menu. 

Screenshot_5Next step is to select the correct com port, in my case it came up as COM19 but it’ll differ from system to system it’ll usually show up as DFU. Click load firmware [online] and then once downloaded pick flash. Screenshot_15


It should reboot and all the lights should be flashing, you now have to go back into zadig and select Revolution interface 0 and replace the drivers with the WinUSB drivers. Then pick interface 1 and make sure Serial CDC is installed as the drivers. 

Screenshot at Apr 11 19-58-00

Lastly select the correct com port and pick connect and the board should connect and should now be working. You may have to reboot your computer after installing the drivers for it to connect. Also in order to update you shouldn’t have to go through any of these steps simply download the new firmware and pick flash, just make sure you back up your config before updates.